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Isolation is wisdom, it entranced me with a strong sense of self-awareness
And a resting place where my soul could blossom.
A resting place I went when the pressure of social chaos, the fake smiles, loud mouthed imbeciles and overall stench of the herding mass
Was too much for me to handle
I would feel an urge to disappear completely, to soar up high like the winds of unburdened purity
Away from the smoke and sad drunken decadence

I imagined my body being deconstructed and my entire essence
Being merged with a stream of melodies and sounds
To never wake up again being a mere sack of flesh trapped in a world of ugliness
To free myself once and for all from this hellhole we call "home"
To go back in time, when we were still stardust dangling in the midst of the Etherealm

It unlocked deep understanding of my purpose here
And the actions I needed to take to better this earthly situation
I would isolate myself when everything else has failed.
A temporary solution to a permanent problem…
Now it is just a way of living.
I have come to peace with the sad reality that the more we grow old
The less patient we are with everybody else’s prominent character traits.

I also came to a point in my life where I just couldn’t deal with deception anymore.
And relying on people intricately means deception.
Not because they are intentionally harming you
But because their interests in life change with their needs
And for most people, this translates in doing the same things over and over again
They became so predictable in their patterns
That I don't even bother calling them anymore

Most people find their happiness in coziness
This appears to be a symptom caused by years of sharing your life with somebody else
And the mental state of slothfullness that comes with it.
Most people, through this process, become boring and comfortably numb
They become a swallowed and washed up version of themselves really

Everything they do needs to be planned out and there is no place for spontaneity anymore
Fuck their plans, fuck their comfort in idleness and fuck their cozy pathetic life
You know who you are
You may hate me for it, but it will not make me change the way I feel about you
Thankfully you served a purpose, as you are the canvas of what I avoid

Relying on their presence to plan your life becomes an obvious mistake
When you realize how much you changed, and how much your energy is growing uprising
Way past common interests
Even after all these years, my need for authenticity and challenges remains
And my incapacity to be happy in daily routines persists

Everything inside is constantly evolving
How can they escape this?
How can they extract themselves from these natural laws that govern all?

Thanks to a few bunch who’ve managed to stay unpredictable and uncanny
You were the ones who shielded me from suicide when I was frail
I never told you this because pride was in the way
But pride is dead now
This song is for you my true friends


from Hymns of Failure, track released July 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Ether Montreal, Québec

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